A company brand isn’t one single component, such as a logo, but instead it is the collective identity that tells your existing and potential clients a story about who you are. Your brand identifies who you are and how you do business to people that have never met you before. Plus, it reinforces your image to your existing client base.

Our focus is on complete brand identity development. This begins with a process where we get to know who you are. We ask a lot of questions. We discover what your company culture looks like, how you do business while learning about the features and benefits of your product offerings and services.

This helps paint a comprehensive picture of who you are and how we can begin telling your story. Our process then moves into developing concepts around who you are; what represents who you are through ideas, metaphors or other visuals.

Brands don’t happen by accident. The feeling that comes along with a well branded business identity was calculated and designed specifically to connect with the audience. We urge you not to make the mistake of believing that building a brand identity development is out of your budget. We work with our clients to determine what makes sense and develop branding with long term success in mind.

A keystone in our process is also stripping everything back to basics. Rediscovering passion and refocusing what you have to give to the world is crucial to developing a compelling brand.

Through a process of logo redesign, developing a unified color scheme, font studies, verbiage studies and storyboarding a compelling brand is developed that is inspiring, engaging and exciting!

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